Deegan Merkley

Linux and Windows servers expert

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4-years experience coding in PHP and Java

Web-Dev experience

I can also provide help for your AppStore projects


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Deegan Merkley. Yep, that's my name. I'm the webmaster of this website. I don't really like to talk about myself but that's what this page is about. So here I go. 24 years-old, I've been passionate about technologies since I was a young boy. At the age of 19, I dropped out of my marketing school and began studying HTML and Java all by myself. From there on, I spent countless hours infront of my computer screen. And here I am. More passionate than ever. I've learnt alot, but the cool thing is : there's still so much more to learn, and experience.

On another note, I'm also somewhat of a veteran in gaming. But I try not to dive too deep into that world, because it does absorb your mind to the point that's the only thing you want to do.

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