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Why me, of everyone on the Internet ?

With over five years in the industry working for the most popular web hosting services, plus some experience engineering for OpenSource softwares, I've recently thought about sharing some of my knowledge with people interested on those important aspects of the Web. 

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What is Web Hosting ?

Web hosting is the means of making your website available to be accessed by users on the internet. Using technology known as servers, a web host provides a way for others computers around the world to connect to your website through a network or modem. Web hosting services can be seen all over the internet, some of them being free with limited options, and alot of them being fairly expensive and generally meant for enterprises and more professional needs. So as you guessed, there are two main factors in choosing a plan from a website hosting service : how do you plan to use your website, and how much you’re willing to spend on it.

Now, I want to make this blog a reliable help for any beginner in this particular sector. With Blog-Web-Hosting, I will try to help you chose your hosting services based on my personal experience, as well as providing you with quality tutorials for the many ( and sometimes complicated ) steps that come just after you’ve bought your first server.

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